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Jose Canseco Movie Premier 

Chevrolet- Dirks Bentley Concert

Audi-Release Event.

Maserati -International Auto Show

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10 reasons why Netflix

MTV's House of style 


  • Darkest Fox
  • Blaze of Sweden 
  • Conrad Lamour
  • Debbie Nghiem
  • Rav Collections
  • Kanjana Designs
  • Adolfo Sanchez
  • Lena Trotsko
  • Victor Tung
  • Anastasia Kryukova
  • Daniel Esquivel
  • Sam Shan
  • Stevie Boi

Im a 20 something year old blonde, living in sunny California. I have always had a passion for fashion and the heart for art. I am a visual storyteller, a experienced model and actress. I am bubbly as champagne and bring life to every project.


  • Veuve Clicquot NYE Party
  • ​Fetty Wap concert 
  • Leather and Laces Super Bowl Party 2016



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